PYB Nutcracker Rehearsals

Mrs. Jeannie and I have decided PYB will rehearse Saturdays from 8-3 from now on. We will still have the Friday PYB technique class but the time will be changed. LPAC will now rehearse on Fridays and PYB will no longer have Friday rehearsals.

Thursday Oct. 5 > 8:15-9:00
Party scene all parents, and party children

Friday Oct. 6> PYB Technique Time TBA

Saturday Oct. 7> 8:00-9:00 warmup
9:00-10:00 battle scene all (ex. Jillian)
9:00-10:00 Flowers all
10:00-11:00 Snow all
10:00-11:00 Poodles
11:00-12:00 Russian all
11:00-12:00 Arabian Lauryn and Abigail
12:00-1:00 Chinese
1:00-2:00 Carousel Animals
2:00-3:00 Shephardess Dance (Only older girls on pointe)

Please review carefully

All rehearsals are subject to change

Nutcracker Cast 2017

Act 1

Clara: Madison Noble (Lead)

Fritz: JD Demeyere (Lead)

Drosselmeir: Andy Waltrip (Lead)

Butler: Rose Brigham

Fathers: Ashley Brigham, Jeremy Demeyere, TBA

Mothers: Darcy Robbins, Taylor Respress, Corrin Beasley, Matisse Gilson, Jillian McLaren

Party Girls: Athena Rogers, Gracyn Phelps, Lyrehc Marshall, Tabitha Springer

Party Boys: Elise Turner, Madison Rush, Erica Thrush, Averie Brown

Masquerade Doll: Baylen Crance (Lead)

Rat Doll: Noah Brigham (Lead)

Grandfather and Grand Mother: Kevin Carff and Christina Fonts

10 Mice: Faith Etheridge, Tess Wireman, Gracie Froberg, Hattie Warfield, Anna Musgrove, Marcia Tolbert, Ella Warfield, Tara Glazebrook, Aubrey Snow, (may add 1 more)

Big Rats: Kevin Carff,Noah Brigham

Rat Queen: Jillian McLaren (Lead)

Soldiers: (Madison Rush), Elise Turner, Olivia Weisenburger, Tabitha Springer, Averie Brown, Gracyn Phelps, Lyrehc Marshall, Athena Rogers, Emelyn Carlson, Kyli Demereye

Snow: Lexxie Sulzbach, Madison Rush, Corrin Beasley, Darcy Robbins, Christina Fonts, Erica Thrush, Ella Smith, Gracyn Phelps, Matisse Gilson, Isabella Pinzone, Baylen Crance, Taylor Respress, Abigail Efird, Jillian McLaren, Rose Brigham, Lauryn Murphy

Act 2:

Carousel Animals: Averie Brown, Elise Turner, Madison Rush, Tabitha Springer, Athena Rogers, Olivia Weisenburger, Kyli Demeyere

Spanish: Lexxie Sulzbach (Lead) Madison Rush, Erica Thrush, Ella Smith, Jillian McLauren

Arabian:Corrin Beasley, Bobby Biggs (Leads) Lauryn Murphy, Abigail Efird 

Chinese: Noah Brigham (Lead) Isabella Pinzone,Rose Brigham, Christina Fonts, Darcy Robbins

Russian: Kevin Carff (Lead) Olivia Weisenburger, Madison Rush, Elise Turner, Kyli Demeyere, Baylen Crance, Lauryn Murphy, Gracyn Phelps, Averie Brown

Mother Ginger: Shane Whitacre
Mother Ginger's Trick Poodles: Tabitha Springer, Aubrey Snow, Tess Wireman, Athena Rogers, Marcia Tolbert, Tara Glazebrook, Anna Musgrove, Hattie Warfield, Lyrehc Marshall, Emelyn Carlson, Gracie Froberg, Faith Etherige, Ella Warfield, Tabitha Springer 

Flower's Bird: Darcy Robbins(Lead)
Flowers: Christina Fonts, Corrin Beasley, Lexxie Sulzbach, Ella Smith, Taylor Respress, Lauryn Murphy, Baylen Crance, Erica Thrush , Jillian McLaren , Abigail Efird

Danish Shepherdesses: Matisse Gilson, Rose Brigham, Madison Rush, Isabella Pinzone
Sheep: Aubrey Snow, Ella Warfield , Tara Glazebrook, Marcia Tolbert, Hattie Warfield, Tess Wireman, Anna Musgrove, Emelyn Carlson
Wolf: TBA

Sugar Plum: Samantha Scheler (Lead)

Cavalier/Prince: Norbert Nirewicz (Lead)